On Second Thought, Michael Wolff’s Book May Not be Worth Reading After All

Update:  A few minutes ago, I received a reply on Twitter from Virginia Heffernan, whose opinion piece is available through a link at the end of this post.  I may have oversimplified her comments on Fire and Fury, and in fairness here’s a screenshot of her reply:

Screenshot (270) 

Yesterday, I posted a recommendation that we read Michael Wolff’s new book about Donald Trump, Fire and Fury.  I made the recommendation because Trump’s lawyers had tried to intimidate the author, not because of great confidence in the book, which I admittedly haven’t read.

Okay, Michael Wolff is a confirmed asshole.  Still, people who have been threatened by our Fearless Leader, as well as people who have reason to feel threatened (the latter being the rest of us), had better stick together.  I thought of a Ben Franklin quote:


Now I’m questioning whether reading this book — not to mention buying, it, and contributing to the author’s bestselling status — is wise.  The guy’s a sleaze merchant.

Oh, well.  Please take a look at this opinion piece on the Los Angeles Times site by Virginia Heffernan before deciding.  She makes the book sound like Kitty Kelley fare, and that may be all it is:


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