Do Not Steal This Book. But do Consider Reading it.

There may be some flaws with Michael Wolff’s new account of the Trump presidency, Fire and Fury.  However, his book — to be released Friday, four days earlier than expected — has been the subject of threats made by Donald Trump’s attorneys.

Not every book that is challenged by lawyers is worth reading, and I can’t guarantee that this book will enlighten everyone (I don’t receive review copies).  However, our president (sic) has declared war on the country, and we should offer loyalty to anyone who suffers retaliation when challenging Donald J. Trump.  For that reason alone, let’s make this book a bestseller!

You don’t have to defend graphic, ominous images on social media.  Last year, Kathy Griffin did something stupid which crossed a line, regardless of how many apologists document worse messages in the past that referenced President Obama.  We’re in a crisis, and presently our energy must be invested in protecting the right to scrutinize the president’s actions and inform the public.

Okay, those editorial cartoons of Trump doing vulgar things should be protected, too.  Just don’t overrate them as educational tools.  They’re opinion pieces.  If anyone’s interested, I posted my own petty opinion piece on Twitter this morning, and called attention to it with six hashtags.  If I want to make shoddy excuses, I can blame an earthquake that woke nearly everyone in the Bay Area at a little after 2:30 a.m.  The dream occurred after falling back asleep:

Screenshot (267)

No, I wasn’t serious about giving up news updates.  Those strained carrots got really messy, though.

If you decide to read Michael Wolff’s new book, read it with an open mind.  Question anything that doesn’t look right, and listen to educated commentators who attempt to separate fact from fiction.  Forget Fox News.

If the New York Review of Books has a feature on Fire and Fury, read it.  NYRB maintains high standards, and should act as a reliable bullshit detector.

Here’s a link to CNN’s article on the updated release date.

And, while we’re here, take a look at this Washington Post article on why we must be especially cautious with Michael Wolff’s brand of journalism.  After you read it, you might be less inclined to join the movement of people who want to make the book a bestseller.  Personally, I’m still in favor of reading it, if only because Trump’s lawyers tried to censor it:

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