I Boycotted the Speech, but Can’t Stop Reading the Aftermath Stuff

I skipped last night’s State of the Union Address.  Our current President (sic) is a source of embarrassment and shame, and he shouldn’t be leading a country which is capable of much better things. However, one way or another we have a responsibility to stay informed.  Uh, okay. Here’s a link to a fact check list, compiled by multiple staff members at The New York Times:   Continue reading I Boycotted the Speech, but Can’t Stop Reading the Aftermath Stuff

Unacceptable Maternity Hospital Conditions “Improving”

National Health Service maternity hospitals in England are overwhelmed.  Underfunding and a shortage of midwives have resulted in one in four women experiencing labor or childbirth without help from caregivers. There’s a slight improvement in statistical figures since a similar survey was conducted in 2015. Please click the link to read the report on The Guardian’s site by Denis Campbell. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jan/30/nhs-leaves-one-in-four-mothers-alone-during-labour-or-childbirth?CMP=twt_gu&__twitter_impression=true Continue reading Unacceptable Maternity Hospital Conditions “Improving”

When Hotels Disappoint

Please don’t accuse Dave Hill — or me — of overstating the crisis. Rest assured, we’re all strong enough to handle this.  Perspective is absolutely essential, though. Regardless of how bad this gets, remember that the heroes who help us navigate the confusion and disillusionment of travel are not to blame.  Policy decisions are made by cowards who never show their faces in the hallways, guest elevators or restaurants of hotels. The employees we see during our stay are suffering as much as the rest of us.  Some of them may be suffering more, if a guest causes damage or … Continue reading When Hotels Disappoint

Online Mysteries Can Be Hilarious

I swear this is not a hoax.  I did not type the search term in question.  That person remains anonymous, and I can’t even confirm the country where the person was located or the particular search engine used. I signed in to the blog account earlier this morning, and found something eye-catching.  Or thought-provoking.  Or just Palin silly.  Whatever. Sometime this morning, someone used a search engine and found my blog.  The person may not have found the right results, though. A detail from the tracking page is below. Now, more than ever, we have a reason to wear clothes. Continue reading Online Mysteries Can Be Hilarious

Take Me to Your Leader — Unless She’s in Denial

Please click the link below to read political commentary by Andrew Sparrow at The Guardian.  It includes a video (running time: under two minutes) which should give you an idea of Prime Minister Theresa May’s attitude toward the National Health Service funding crisis in England. If you don’t live in the United Kingdom, you might find Mr. Sparrow’s reference to No. 10 mysterious.  It’s 10 Downing Street, the address of the residence/office of the Prime Minister. What’s this business of a Tory politician suggesting all’s good with the National Health Service in England, using the reasoning that conditions are worse under the Labour … Continue reading Take Me to Your Leader — Unless She’s in Denial