Jessica Hahn Today

You might remember a woman named Jessica Hahn, whose name was associated with the PTL (Jim Bakker) scandal during the late 1980s. There was a horrible he said/she said dispute between Ms. Hahn and Rev. Bakker regarding the nature of intimate contact they’d had years earlier.  She claimed rape, and he insisted his only transgression was he cheated on his wife with Ms. Hahn. In a recent interview in The Charlotte Observer, Jessica Hahn has apparently retracted the rape claim, but she doesn’t go easy on Jim Bakker.  She regards him as a manipulator who took advantage of her naiveté, … Continue reading Jessica Hahn Today

Trump’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say at the CDC

No, this isn’t a George Carlin joke.  Here are the words (and phrases), in alphabetical order: Diversity Entitlement Evidence-Based Fetus Science-Based Transgender Vulnerable In case you haven’t yet read about Our Fearless Leader’s change in the public health vernacular, please click the link to this Washington Post news report: Continue reading Trump’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say at the CDC

News Vs. Shock Media — Or, Don’t Get Me Started

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The views expressed in this post are based on personal observations and printed matter for the general reader. A separate post on this topic appears on Facebook. If you keep track of current events, I hope you’ve given some thought to the distinction between journalism and gossip that just panders to the public’s voyeurism. Last night I was in a supermarket checkout line, thinking maybe I should have chosen a different checkstand.  Clearly, the retail grocery counterpart to Inspector Clouseau was failing at his attempt to pull up totals on the cash … Continue reading News Vs. Shock Media — Or, Don’t Get Me Started

Tuesday (December 12) Special Election in Alabama

By this coming Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, we should know the priorities of most voters in Alabama. If the Democratic candidate for Jeff Sessions’ U.S. Senate seat, Doug Jones, wins the election, we can breathe a sigh of relief. However, if the majority vote goes to Roy Moore, decent Americans are fully justified in boycotting Alabama. I don’t have statistics on how much nonessential travel in Alabama is done by nonresidents.  There must be some, though. A message to Alabama residents who are opposed to being represented by a pedophile:  If you’re registered and eligible to vote, don’t skip … Continue reading Tuesday (December 12) Special Election in Alabama

Send Cards to Ryland Ward

I found this on Twitter just now.  Here’s the address, in case the screenshot doesn’t show up well on your device: Ryland Ward P.O. Box 174 Sutherland Springs, TX 78161 Ryland is recovering in a hospital from injuries suffered in the Sutherland Springs Church shooting.  His mother and two sisters were killed.  Please send him the most beautiful card you can find, and include a nice note. Continue reading Send Cards to Ryland Ward