Shopping as Instant Gratification in Lieu of Conscience

The end-of-year holidays can be nasty for a lot of reasons, with the some of the most enthusiastic “giving” done by people who would rather not apologize for past hurtful behavior.  They spend money on merchandise that’s going to end up in landfill (or in thrift stores, if we’re lucky), and shortly after making asses of themselves with the presentation they see God in the form of Santa Claus, granting absolution.

For many people, the holidays are vulgar, amoral milestones for hiding from one’s conscience — or hiding from the fact that there’s no conscience.  It’s especially horrifying if the original offense is a power abuse.  Some people actually believe they can go over others’ heads in personal matters, cause a disaster and then buy and giftwrap sweatshop-produced shit for Christmas to redeem themselves.

Personally, I don’t want to see any of those bastards during the holidays, or at any other time.  They may not contact me.

On Friday, one more person was added to the list of people who may not contact me.  A speech from that person about how much he can buy me in the future was especially infuriating.  I told him why I was angry with him, and he was oblivious to that.  He felt confident he was handling it right.

He handled it predictably, not right.  When I told him he had caused a big enough problem that I could barely eat, he assured me he would have some cans of Ensure sent to my home.  I refused, but I sense that this week I’ll be going to the trouble of having a heavy package of synthetic nutrition drinks sent back.  I hope my back is in better shape on that day than it is today.

We’ll never keep assholes completely out of our lives, but we can pare down the asshole content.  From now on, I will refuse to hear from the Ensure Guy.  I can’t always keep him from accessing confidential information about me because others haven’t been cooperative.  However, I don’t have to hear his voice.


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