Jessica Hahn Today

You might remember a woman named Jessica Hahn, whose name was associated with the PTL (Jim Bakker) scandal during the late 1980s.

There was a horrible he said/she said dispute between Ms. Hahn and Rev. Bakker regarding the nature of intimate contact they’d had years earlier.  She claimed rape, and he insisted his only transgression was he cheated on his wife with Ms. Hahn.

In a recent interview in The Charlotte Observer, Jessica Hahn has apparently retracted the rape claim, but she doesn’t go easy on Jim Bakker.  She regards him as a manipulator who took advantage of her naiveté, and her explanation makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is the fact that Jessica Hahn supports Donald Trump.  She suspects the claims of sexual impropriety against Trump are politically motivated, in spite of the weirdness of her own personal experience with a powerful man.

There’s no indication that Observer reporter Tim Funk asked Ms. Hahn about her interpretations of Trump’s “hot mic” remarks or lewd comments about one of his daughters.  If the article were a careful journalistic piece, those questions wouldn’t have been omitted.

Although it’s debatable whether we should judge Jessica Hahn now for anything that happened during the 1980s, a new can of worms has opened.  If she’s going to use a newspaper interview to speculate that the accusations of harm inflicted by Donald Trump on women are politically motivated, she should be expected to provide something convincing to back up her claim.  Serious journalism is not Twitter.

The Charlotte Observer has posted this article on the newspaper’s site.  Diedra Laird’s video on the page includes past images with audio from Mr. Funk’s interview with Ms. Hahn.  Please click the link to read the interview:



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