Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

(This post appears in slightly different form on Helen’s Facebook page.)

The username and avatar on this Twitter account have been erased from the screenshots because I don’t want to harass anyone personally. However, in case you’ve been oblivious to reactionary politics in the United States, take a look at the number of “likes” the post about Roy Moore has received. By all indications, the account holder isn’t a public figure, although he has the right hypocrisy to make it in the Trump Administration.

Click each image (at the bottom of this post) to view it more clearly.

You may — or may not — agree with one post and not the other. However, both were typed on the same account, within a few hours of each other. Together, they reflect contradictions that Trumpies never question. When people grasp at enough straws, they’ll manufacture, accept and repeat any propaganda.

Just a personal opinion here (no, I have no background in mental healthcare): Extremism thrives on miserable people trying to fill a void in their lives. They accept a straight-through-the-tunnel way of thinking because it gives them a place among kindred spirits. It doesn’t tax their intellects, and it always offers a scapegoat. It’s a cult.

Disclosure: Unless there’s something I’ve misinterpreted, I don’t believe Al Franken should stay in office, any more than the I Had Their Mothers’ Permission candidate should be running for office. It isn’t — or shouldn’t be — a partisan issue. Actually, it’s an issue of demanding that elected officials respect basic human dignity. True, many of them think of the average citizen (not to mention the average immigrant) as a big zero. Still, that shouldn’t stop us from demanding respect from every one of those clowns who serves in public office. It’s an uphill battle that’s worth the effort.

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