Angels Flight, L.A.

(Note: This blog post has some actual material about Angels Flight, the historic rail service operating in Los Angeles.  You just have to scroll down a bit to find it.) I spent part of last week in Southern California.  There were practical and personal reasons to be there, but also opportunities to do a few fun things. I stayed in a nice hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood.  Not that Sunset in West Hollywood is nice.  However, some aspects of it are better than the high-tech advertising, careless motorists and general bad taste we associate with the street.  In other … Continue reading Angels Flight, L.A.

California to Tighten Pet Store Regulations

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed Assembly Bill (AB) 485, legislation which will improve conditions for puppies, kittens and rabbits sold in pet shops inside the state. Beginning in January 2019, pet retailers must refrain from buying those animals from breeders.  Animals sold in pet stores must come from shelters or rescue agencies only.  It will still be legal for individuals to adopt from breeders, though. Jacey Fortin’s article on the New York Times site explores the pros and cons of this new law, and I hope people will read it carefully.  A link to the article is below.  The … Continue reading California to Tighten Pet Store Regulations

Don’t be Inordinately Wordy, Verbose, Garrulous or Affected on Twitter

With a small number of users, Twitter is experimenting with a 280 character limit. I am not in this control group, but have used Windows 10 tools to create a worst case scenario. Please don’t hate me.  If you do, you’ll have to hate some other people, too.  A lot of mortals — not just mere mortals — have it in them. Continue reading Don’t be Inordinately Wordy, Verbose, Garrulous or Affected on Twitter

My Confused Priorities

I’m in San Francisco, where I’m reminded of the North Bay fires every time I step outside of my well-sealed apartment and inhale.  Until today, I found it disturbing that Donald Trump has ignored the situation, even on the Twitter feed he has used so beautifully to vent petty impulses. This morning, I was faced with the head-clearing truth that I’ve been obsessing on the wrong things: hurricanes, fires, healthcare and all manner of other crap that have nothing to do with the real priorities addressed this morning by our fine president at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit. Screw fire, … Continue reading My Confused Priorities

Smartypants Ethics and the No Troll Rule

Many people are so frustrated with the Trump Administration they’ve resorted to posting dark humor at the president’s (sic) expense on social media.  Most of the humor isn’t creepy enough to warrant a visit from the authorities, but even then there are standards to observe.  Those standards have nothing to do with the way we feel about Donald Trump or anyone else.  They’re just unwritten rules making it clear that good people take care not to cause harm, and that conflicts are best handled when acting on experience, not emotion. Yesterday, I used Windows 10 tools to alter screenshots of two … Continue reading Smartypants Ethics and the No Troll Rule

Saturday Night Live Aces it

I do just fine without a television.  Streaming and DVDs have covered most of it, and I can live without the occasional show I have to miss. (By the way, the long-awaited George Michael documentary, titled Freedom, will air on Showtime in the United States on Saturday, October 21.  I’ll get to see it because I subscribe to Showtime’s online streaming service.  If you’re very interested in this program and you don’t have Showtime, google the info for the streaming service and decide whether you want to sign up.) Obviously, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live from beginning to end, … Continue reading Saturday Night Live Aces it