My Confused Priorities

I’m in San Francisco, where I’m reminded of the North Bay fires every time I step outside of my well-sealed apartment and inhale.  Until today, I found it disturbing that Donald Trump has ignored the situation, even on the Twitter feed he has used so beautifully to vent petty impulses.

This morning, I was faced with the head-clearing truth that I’ve been obsessing on the wrong things: hurricanes, fires, healthcare and all manner of other crap that have nothing to do with the real priorities addressed this morning by our fine president at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit.

Screw fire, floods, illness and human rights violations.  People are saying “Merry Christmas” again, and by gum we can have hope for the future.

Be ready to get confrontational with your friends, family and other bleeding hearts who have the audacity to mention Puerto Rico in anything other than a sneering tone.  Also remember that the people going through hell in the California wildfires chose to live in a state where Donald Trump was denied the Electoral Vote.  We are in no position to ask him for help after we inflicted that humiliation.

Yeah, screw all of us.

Question:  If Donald Trump saw this blog post, would he interpret it as praise?  Don’t rule out the possibility.



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