Saturday Night Live Aces it

I do just fine without a television.  Streaming and DVDs have covered most of it, and I can live without the occasional show I have to miss.

(By the way, the long-awaited George Michael documentary, titled Freedom, will air on Showtime in the United States on Saturday, October 21.  I’ll get to see it because I subscribe to Showtime’s online streaming service.  If you’re very interested in this program and you don’t have Showtime, google the info for the streaming service and decide whether you want to sign up.)

Obviously, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live from beginning to end, but the show’s producers have a YouTube account where skits are shared.  I rely on social media to call attention to the best.

This morning, Twitter username @LesbianNews shared an SNL skit with commentary by Heather Hogan on the site  The skit is one of the show’s best pieces ever.

I wish something like this had been on TV when I was a closeted bisexual teenager, so I could have been assured that others were aware of the same gray areas I was seeing.  Seriously, some women aren’t consciously aware when they let their lavender side off the leash.



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