Beyond Icky

We can argue whether NRA puppet Donald Trump is at his most obnoxious when meeting with gunshot victims.  Just recently, he was throwing rolls of paper towels at people who have been through a hurricane.

The truth is, this man is so out of touch with the world — and lacking in empathy — he must think of both as major public relations victories.  His apologists will claim he’s offering real answers, while people with thinking skills on at least a middle school grade level will understand these are sleazy photo ops.

Here’s a link to an Associated Press article, reposted on MSN’s site.  Yes, the AP article says he met “privately” with survivors of the Las Vegas horror, so his supporters can deny it’s a photo op.  Still, the fact that he visited — imposed upon — traumatized, vulnerable people is being reported very publicly.  This bit of hypocrisy on President (sic) Trump’s part is obvious, and he’s using others’ misfortunes to his political advantage.

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