Hitting Back a Bully Can Be Risky

A link to a New York Daily News article appears at the end of this post. The school where this altercation occurred is located in Franklin, Indiana.  Although the arrest of the child is videotaped, there’s no real proof of what happened before that.  Two different accounts are shared. I attended public and private schools during the 1960s and 70s, and saw a pattern which I don’t believe has changed.  Students are told in advance by teachers and administrators, “If someone hurts you, don’t hit back.  Tell the teacher.”  Then, when there’s a report of an incident, the teacher or administrator says … Continue reading Hitting Back a Bully Can Be Risky

Timing is Everything, Even When Fate Controls it

Today, the Top News Story in the United States — and probably in some other countries — involves our embarrassing, dangerous government and how Donald Trump got into power.  Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been indicted and have unresolved criminal charges against them, while George Papadopoulos has entered a guilty plea. This may be one time when the American public’s fascination with Hollywood celebrities will work to our advantage.  No, it isn’t a day to ponder what Kim Kardashian is wearing, and log onto TMZ for relief from the real world. Today, the Top Story should be the indictments against Trump’s … Continue reading Timing is Everything, Even When Fate Controls it

Dave Hill on Instagram

How can one man — even a man of greatness — be in more than one place at one time? Dave Hill: Writer, Comedian, Actor, Radio Host and Heavy Metal Guitarist.  Today I learned that his alter ego is Ned from Accounting.  He moonlights as my favorite Instagram user.  If you’re on Instagram, you might consider following him. By the way, Dave is also on Twitter.  @mrdavehill Continue reading Dave Hill on Instagram

When a Scandal Blows Over

Before we decide life is improving for sexual harassment/assault victims in Hollywood, we’d better consider the power of the status quo. The actions of Harvey Weinstein and some other people were known by insiders for a long time before their respective scandals became public.  Now, it looks as if high-profile creeps are falling like dominoes, and those guys will never work in any form of media again. Don’t assume anything, though. In 1997, NBC Sports announcer Marv Albert pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge after it was determined that he had bitten a woman’s shoulder.  The woman also accused him of … Continue reading When a Scandal Blows Over