Bullying Can be Fatal to Anyone

We should try to be fair, and recognize that a tragedy like the one at Urban Assembly For Wildlife Conservation isn’t always reported accurately in the media — especially in the first few days after the worst happens.

In any environment, though, abuses of power create a pressure cooker situation.  It isn’t that unusual for persons in positions of responsibility to ignore the problem, with the reasoning, If anything extreme comes of it, the scandal will blow over.  Those negligent people enable bullies.

Too many scandals have blown over, and it doesn’t change the fact that lives have been ruined.  Suicides, murders and less concrete instances of tormented people being changed in a bad way are the result of this ongoing cruelty.

No matter how many bullying-related disasters we hear about, they won’t be halted anytime in the foreseeable future.  It’s the status quo.  We know that through experience.

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