The Exhausted Writer

Recently, I began a fiction writing binge.  I don’t recall the date it started, but it probably took a few weeks to complete the approximately 28,800 word novella which is now available on Kindle.

I’m happy with this book, although the original choice for the cover design couldn’t be used.  The beautiful picture of the clock in Grand Central Terminal’s Concourse is low-resolution, and wouldn’t have worked well as an electronic book cover.  I took that photo earlier this year, hoping there’d be an excuse to use it on a self-published book.  It was a noble effort that failed.  And, yes, I know I could have gotten a better angle if I’d stood on a ladder.

Kindle has a cover creator tool, and the basic image I chose is the same that was used for a 2015 novella, titled Petra.  There are enough variations to set the designs apart, though, so no one should get confused.

Actually, I like the picture of the mime who graces both covers.  There are different ways to interpret mimes’ work, so the image is flexible.

Halloween is in a few weeks, so this is a good time to announce that Melody of the Undead is partly a ghost story.  There’s a lot of other stuff going on, too, including an unorthodox, mildly kinky romance.

Melody of the Undead has a little something for everyone.  Readers of raunchy bestsellers should enjoy it, literary readers should, uh, call it “interesting,” and creatures of the night will find it helps them fall asleep.  Whatever.

After spending a good part of yesterday evening struggling with the upload, I’m happy to say I’m now aware that not every computer file with the label .docx is as versatile as it looks.  Evidently, the file I had downloaded from Microsoft Word was a zip file, which made it incompatible.

The answer was there, but I found it only after pulling out some of my own nose hairs.  Okay, I also pulled out a few nose hairs that weren’t mine, but that’s his word against mine and I’m not admitting anything.  Besides, in his case we can call it grooming.  My imaginary friend looks better now.

I downloaded a pdf (a format Kindle doesn’t recognize) of the manuscript, and one of Adobe’s programs helped me convert it to a .docx which was indeed compatible.  Remember that if you have a similar problem.  There’s always a way to deal with this crap, but be selective with the online instructions you follow — and the nose hairs you pull out.

With anything involving your computer, stick to programs you know.  When I looked for an answer to the Kindle roadblock, I found all sorts of appealing non-Adobe stuff to download.  I didn’t touch any of it, either.  All of it was a temptation because I was exhausted, pissed off and desperate to get my book out there.  We are the people the gremlins are waiting for, and they know they’ll trap some of us eventually.

Oh, and here’s a link to the e-book listing on Amazon.  A generous sample can be read for free, and then you can decide whether you want to read the rest, for the modest price of ninety-nine cents:

If anyone’s curious, here’s a “rough draft” of the cover that would have been used, if there wasn’t that hang-up with too few Pixels Per Inch (PPI).  It’s just my own amateur photography, but that’s one of the reasons it belongs on the book:



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