Getting the Ball Rolling on Healthcare

Actually, the title of this blog post applies correctly to something that happened a few years ago.  The Affordable Care Act, with all of its GOP-instigated compromises that made it barely functional for many people, got the proverbial ball rolling.

Now it’s time to do more.

Medicare for all isn’t a new idea, but educated Americans have seen enough of the current ACA system to know we need changes that benefit patients, not businesses.  The Affordable Care Act isn’t working for everyone, and the answer isn’t to obey Donald Trump and repeal it.  The answer is to develop a system which works.

Today, Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent Party, Vermont) will introduce legislation to expand Medicare.  It won’t pass during this Congress, and may not pass during the next few years, either.  It’s a start, though.  By the time this legislation — in some form — is approved, it will have problems for the same reason the Affordable Care Act has problems: Republicans in the Senate and House will be promoting the interests of private sector insurance companies, and they will force compromises.

Our experience with GOP tantrums in general and Donald Trump’s attempts to repeal ACA have made it clear we’ll have to stay on top of this issue for the rest of our lives.  Be ready to do something Sarah Palin and her ilk aren’t doing:  Read legitimate news stories, and set your B.S. alarm so it lets out a loud shriek whenever anyone mentions “Death Panels.”  Then write to your elected officials in Congress — especially if your elected officials are opposing progress.

A link to Senator Sanders’ New York Times opinion piece is below.  The Times has a pay wall, but nonsubscribers may read ten articles per month free of charge:

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