Abortion Debate in Ireland

This morning I found a news article about a demonstration in Dublin, Ireland, opposing that country’s restrictive abortion laws. For obvious reasons, abortion is a delicate topic.  Most people I know are in favor of respecting a woman’s choice, but those people aren’t casual about the human issue, either.  They recognize that the real tragedy is an unhealthy or unwanted pregnancy, and they believe the only humane way to respond is to allow the woman to make a decision without interference.  They don’t see easy answers, but they see an acceptable policy for society and the state to follow. I’ve … Continue reading Abortion Debate in Ireland

Bullying Can be Fatal to Anyone

We should try to be fair, and recognize that a tragedy like the one at Urban Assembly For Wildlife Conservation isn’t always reported accurately in the media — especially in the first few days after the worst happens. In any environment, though, abuses of power create a pressure cooker situation.  It isn’t that unusual for persons in positions of responsibility to ignore the problem, with the reasoning, If anything extreme comes of it, the scandal will blow over.  Those negligent people enable bullies. Too many scandals have blown over, and it doesn’t change the fact that lives have been ruined.  Suicides, … Continue reading Bullying Can be Fatal to Anyone

The Exhausted Writer

Recently, I began a fiction writing binge.  I don’t recall the date it started, but it probably took a few weeks to complete the approximately 28,800 word novella which is now available on Kindle. I’m happy with this book, although the original choice for the cover design couldn’t be used.  The beautiful picture of the clock in Grand Central Terminal’s Concourse is low-resolution, and wouldn’t have worked well as an electronic book cover.  I took that photo earlier this year, hoping there’d be an excuse to use it on a self-published book.  It was a noble effort that failed.  And, … Continue reading The Exhausted Writer

Powerlessness and the Appeal of the Right Wing

We see this mentality in the United States, with gun fanatics and people who seek to make their religion national policy. Tolerance for others requires a sense of personal strength.  A secure person doesn’t flaunt weapons, attend rallies demeaning other races, or call for a so-called biblical state where the court system consults Leviticus 20:13 when responding to the man lieth with mankind stuff. Amanda Taub has written an excellent news analysis piece, posted today on The New York Times site. The topic is a small-but-dangerous victory by a political party whose name translates to Alternative for Germany.  The party has secured … Continue reading Powerlessness and the Appeal of the Right Wing

This is Progress

Gordon Thomson, who played one of at least three Long-Lost-Carrington-Children-Later-Emerged, Adam Carrington, is disappointed with the way a new, Dynasty-based series on CW is being handled. Although it isn’t anything new that someone connected to an older television series is criticizing a reboot, Carli Velocci’s article, posted on The Wrap and reposted on MSN, appeals to a maturing society.  Note that Mr. Thomson also comes out publicly as gay in the article, but the coming out is secondary.  The lead in — and forty percent of the entire article — is focused on what he has to say about the … Continue reading This is Progress