How Brexit May Affect Some Children

The 2016 referendum for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union wasn’t thought out too carefully, and that didn’t stop it from winning a majority vote.

All over the world, families have been broken up for different reasons.  Not all child abductions are stranger abductions, either.  A child might be separated from one parent when the parents’ marriage splits up, and the child moves out of the area with the other parent — willingly or unwillingly.  In some of these situations, a child’s physical health, safety or mental stability may be at risk.

In the European Union, some children of separated or divorced parents move out of the country where they were born, but as long as they’re still in the E.U. they aren’t necessarily out of reach if questions are raised about whether their living arrangements are legit.

Some children from the United Kingdom will have less protection if the break from the European Union is carried out with no provisions for their safety.  Here’s a Guardian article on the topic:


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