“Inconsiderate Budgeting” is an Understatement

I doubt if it has occurred to Donald Trump or most people in his family that their lavish lifestyle is causing their protectors to run out of money.  Not until now, at the same time the rest of us are hearing about it.

Some of us, if we were in their position, would ask questions before planning a vacation.  It would dawn on us that, if nothing else, unnecessary travel could make more work for people who already have demanding jobs.

The situation is complicated to start with, but it shouldn’t be this bad.  Yes, the Donald’s extended family is larger than some, and they can’t all live in one place.  Still, if Trump and his family sincerely believed he was on a mission to save the world, they would volunteer to make minor sacrifices, right?

I apologize for lack of research.  My argument could be bolstered well if dates and other data were posted so we could gauge the frustrations and loneliness inflicted on Lois Lane, Olive Oyl and Tess Trueheart, but in the end their losses are personal so maybe I shouldn’t even mention their names.

Okay, Lois Lane, Olive Oyl and Tess Trueheart were in predicaments way different from those of The Donald’s family.  They didn’t have the option of going on vacation whenever they wanted, and neither did their heroic male companions.  In a better world, Popeye might have been a golf nut, but for him it just wasn’t in the cards.

Fantasy heroes keep their work within budget without much effort.  In the real world, the money thing is more complex, and the heroism is subject to more doubts.

Donald Trump has a long-established reputation for keeping his own savings intact while others who invest in his failed projects lose money.  The latest victims of that pattern are taxpayers and the Secret Service agents who work overtime without pay.


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