Credibility Issues, But Still a Good Message

I agree completely with what’s said in the message below, and hope the charming, considerate people I often meet — but don’t know very well — agree, too. To be realistic, we don’t always know what’s going on with charming, considerate strangers.

But I digress.

This video statement doesn’t change the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger has some major, hurtful flaws in his own history. Still, he’s an effective person for conveying an anti-hate message. Some people on the far right listen to the Californicator (Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself from typing that), but they don’t listen to Barack Obama or anyone with Southern Poverty Law Center. People who want a respectful society really do need Arnold’s help in stopping this hate campaign.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has demonstrated that he believes some people — mainly women — aren’t worthy of respect. Acknowledge that, and keep his current good deed in perspective. He might be sincere about preventing a return to the nightmare condition the world was in during the 1930s and 40s, but now that he’s a retired public official he may also be thinking of his own legacy.

The video was posted by ATTN: on their public Facebook page.


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