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Two screenshots appear below.  One is a post by an educated, compassionate Twitter user, and the other is a photo of white supremacists who abetted yesterday’s tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Together, they say a lot.

Note the wide-open mouths on the racists.  I hope you’ll forgive this crude observation, but the face on that man in the foreground reminds me of obscene doll heads I used to see in the window of a dirty bookstore.

I don’t know who took the photo of the racists because it was uncredited on social media.  If a photographer/news outlet is acknowledged in other media, please let me know in the comment section.  Every effort is made to cite sources on this blogsite.

Just a thought: If you didn’t know that the Creeps With Torches image was taken at a Ku Klux Klan/Neo-Nazi rally, would you guess it was something different?  Maybe the torches promote an obvious message, but it isn’t out of the question that people with a legitimate reason to protest could have those same facial expressions.

If you attend demonstrations to promote real civil rights, use some caution with the way you look and behave.  Yes, you have a right to be angry when you’re protesting homophobia, racism, war crimes and other atrocities, but some far right news outlet is likely to have a photographer there with a sharp instinct for getting damaging pictures.

You can’t always control the way your responsible views are portrayed in the media.  Photoshop tricks and editing can be used to make you and other like-minded people appear monstrous, and unlike the haters who demonstrated yesterday you probably aren’t monstrous.  Still, use judgment.  Force the reactionary press to work hard before they can make your argument look bad.

Please accept my apologies for formatting issues on this page.  WordPress is undergoing some technical upgrades, and for the time being images aren’t uploading well.

Screenshot (118)Screenshot (117)

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