One More Way to Discourage Xenophobia

A supermarket in Hamburg, Germany, has presented one more argument against racism and intolerance of other cultures:  It can mess with our eating habits. This sounds like a small effort, but it addresses something people take for granted when they make their worlds too small.  If you’re serious about trashing other cultures and races, be ready to do some serious boycotting.  This is especially important if you’re a lifelong citizen of the United States, which was established by white immigrants who elbowed out the indigenous population by all means necessary to create a new country.  Gee, you never know where … Continue reading One More Way to Discourage Xenophobia

Last Night’s Trump Speech in Phoenix

Last night I listened to part of President (sic) Donald Trump’s speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd of his cult followers in Arizona.  At one point during the speech, the audience was chanting the way non-thinkers do when they know their Fearless Leader has all the answers. I heard just part of the speech before turning it off.  I got only the audio portion because the source was CNN on the iPhone Sirius/XM streaming app.  That was enough.  I was sure some of those airheads were wearing bright red Make America Great Again visor caps, but it wasn’t necessary to see … Continue reading Last Night’s Trump Speech in Phoenix

How Brexit May Affect Some Children

The 2016 referendum for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union wasn’t thought out too carefully, and that didn’t stop it from winning a majority vote. All over the world, families have been broken up for different reasons.  Not all child abductions are stranger abductions, either.  A child might be separated from one parent when the parents’ marriage splits up, and the child moves out of the area with the other parent — willingly or unwillingly.  In some of these situations, a child’s physical health, safety or mental stability may be at risk. In the European Union, some children … Continue reading How Brexit May Affect Some Children

“Inconsiderate Budgeting” is an Understatement

I doubt if it has occurred to Donald Trump or most people in his family that their lavish lifestyle is causing their protectors to run out of money.  Not until now, at the same time the rest of us are hearing about it. Some of us, if we were in their position, would ask questions before planning a vacation.  It would dawn on us that, if nothing else, unnecessary travel could make more work for people who already have demanding jobs. The situation is complicated to start with, but it shouldn’t be this bad.  Yes, the Donald’s extended family is … Continue reading “Inconsiderate Budgeting” is an Understatement