Credit Where Credit is Due

By now, a whole bunch of us with internet access have seen the famous photo of the tiki torch store display with an anti-racist sign attached. Whenever a brilliant image with no watermark is circulated online, we must always ask about the genius.  Learn his or her name, unless the person in question prefers to remain anonymous. Dashiell Driscoll, Senior Social Content Producer and Senior Writer with Funny or Die, wrote and printed the tiki torch sign content, and then photographed it in a store. Here’s a link to a story about Mr. Driscoll’s work on the Houston Chronicle’s site.  Now, please … Continue reading Credit Where Credit is Due

The “Kensington” Stereotype

I haven’t traveled to London, but I’d like to.  Until then, I’ll remind myself of what I don’t know. Today, the New York Times posted a detailed, lengthy article by Katrin Bennhold which challenges everything outsiders assume about one district in London.  I’ll withhold my own comments and let you read the story.  Then you can reach your own conclusion.  The link is below. Wait.  No, I won’t withhold every one of my own comments:  This sounds exactly like what happens in the United States, and we should be disgusted.  It’s a disgraceful situation which has to change, but if … Continue reading The “Kensington” Stereotype

The Shame-Free Community

Two screenshots appear below.  One is a post by an educated, compassionate Twitter user, and the other is a photo of white supremacists who abetted yesterday’s tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Together, they say a lot. Note the wide-open mouths on the racists.  I hope you’ll forgive this crude observation, but the face on that man in the foreground reminds me of obscene doll heads I used to see in the window of a dirty bookstore. I don’t know who took the photo of the racists because it was uncredited on social media.  If a photographer/news outlet is acknowledged in other … Continue reading The Shame-Free Community

RIP Heather Heyer

There’s very little anyone can say right now (although our so-called president has an obligation to say more than he has), so here’s a Huffington Post article about Heather Heyer, the counter-protester who died during yesterday’s Klan “demonstration” in Virginia. Continue reading RIP Heather Heyer

Angel Awards on August 19

I can’t be in Los Angeles until October, but if you think you’ll be there sooner there’s an event you may want to attend. Project Angel Food’s Angel awards will be held on Saturday, August 19.  The Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award will be presented by Dallas art dealer Kenny Goss, and accepted on behalf of his late partner, George Michael. Project Angel Food delivers meals to people in fragile health in the Los Angeles area. For information, please click this link: Continue reading Angel Awards on August 19

Austerity and the NHS

(If anyone who has personal experience with the National Health Service finds an error in this post or would like to add something, please let me know in the comment section.  This is a serious matter, and I’m making every effort to ensure accuracy.) I live in San Francisco, and I’ve never traveled anywhere outside the U.S.  However, I used to hear good things about the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.  Not anymore.  The news links at the end of this post concern maternity and neonatal care in NHS hospitals. There may be some confusion about whether the … Continue reading Austerity and the NHS