The Affordable Care Act is Safe, For Now

For the time being, it looks as if our health insurance won’t be pulled out from under us.

We’d better not get too comfortable, though.  Repealing the ACA, with or without replacing it with a substandard system, is one of Donald Trump’s obsessions.  Many Republicans in Congress share that obsession.

If you live in a state/district where your representation sides with Trump, you must make your wishes known to your elected officials (it also helps if you’re registered to vote, and show up at the polls).  Some people have already done that, which may have a lot to do with the two GOP Senate defections on the repeal announced yesterday.  Even in red states, you’ll find a handful of people who know when they’re getting screwed, and constituent pressure isn’t always ignored.

The repeal effort isn’t going away.  The wording of the legislation will change, and if GOP strategists are successful the next effort will sound as if it supports the health of everyone who will lose their coverage.  It will get the support of Americans who opposed earlier efforts.

Forget the Republican Party’s claim that it represents the interests of the middle class and working class.  The GOP looks out for the wealthy and Big Business, and when they have time they pander to religious fanatics.  The party also has a fetish for totalitarianism.  Accept that.

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