Heathcote Williams, 1941-2017

Writer Heathcote Williams has passed away.

I won’t try to offer a detailed description of Mr. Williams’ life or work because I’m not familiar with enough of it.  Please take a look at his obituary in The New York Times, as well as the clip from the beginning of the movie adaptation of his play, The Local Stigmatic.  Links to those pages are at the end of this post.  

The Local Stigmatic features one of Al Pacino’s lesser-known performances, and it’s also one of his best.  Some YouTube users who posted in the comment section disagree on whether he mastered the accent, but I won’t go there because I can’t hazard a guess on anyone’s accent.  If you watch the DVD of this film with commentary from Mr. Pacino, you’ll have a chance of grasping the meaning of it.  Most people who have seen productions of The Local Stigmatic find it confusing, and background information is helpful.  The play isn’t a put-on.  There’s really a lot going on with it.

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