This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name

I believe it was U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder (Democrat from Colorado) who was credited with nicknaming President Ronald Reagan The Teflon President.  

The Donald is proving to have that same exemption from responsibility, although he isn’t as popular as Reagan.  It’s a different Teflon.  In Reagan’s case, the president remained popular in spite of international scandal.  Many of Trump’s former supporters are now waking up and suspecting his actions in office — and what we learn about his past behavior — will just keep getting worse, but party loyalty has kept him out of serious trouble with the law.  Donald Trump’s entitlement bubble in the Oval Office has nothing to do with what the public thinks.

Yes, Ronald Reagan also benefited from GOP loyalty.  No need to yell at your computer screen the way you talk back to the TV when a news commentator says something naïve.  I know Reagan’s own Justice Department and Republicans in Congress protected our 1980s president, even when fall guys like Oliver North were called unsuccessfully to answer to the Iran Contra disaster.

If you haven’t had time to keep track of the latest developments with the Trump family’s connections to Russia during the 2016 campaign, please read the condensed New York Times article on MSN.  Then, if you have the time and the inclination, take a look at the article in its entirety on the Times site.

Links to both are below.  There’s no pay wall on the MSN site, and The New York Times allows ten free views per month before articles on their site are blocked from nonsubscribers.


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