This Tragedy May be More Common Than We Think

At the end of this post, please click the link to an online article about a pet who was abandoned at an airport in Nevada.

We may never know how many humans’ and animals’ lives are damaged or destroyed by violence in the home.  However, every now and then we’re reminded that these things happen.

Please don’t express hostility toward the person who left her dog in the restroom at McCarren Airport.  She didn’t have options, and her little angel has found plenty of people who want to help.  Chewy will find a good home, and I hope he knows his human mother still loves him.

It’s likely that some of the sympathetic people who have expressed an interest in adopting Chewy aren’t ready to care for a puppy.  Young animals require a lot of patience.  The people who will choose a new home for Chewy can be expected to use judgment and make a good decision.

At this point, there’s one thing for Chewy’s potential dog guardians to consider:  If you’re ready to care for a pet, it doesn’t have to be Chewy.  There are many dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. waiting in shelters.  They aren’t picky about the humans they’re paired with, as long as there’s a healthy, loving relationship.  Humans can learn from this.

The pet you adopt doesn’t have to be the fluffiest, smartest or most charming kid on the block.  The pet you adopt doesn’t have to be the breed of your dreams, either.  You may be surprised at how well you bond with the sweet little fur-butt who just happens to have the right personality.

Some animals have special needs.  You may need to budget for extra veterinary care, and you may also have to learn how to provide special care at home.  That can happen eventually with any pet, but if you have it in your heart and your bank account you might decide to adopt a pet with special needs, such as a senior dog.

There are so many animals out there who need just one good home.  Don’t obsess on Chewy.  As sad as his current situation is, he should have a good future.  I hope the same can be said for his human mommy, who didn’t deserve to be forced into this decision.

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