Fine Advert, Fine Product

If you’ve traveled to the United Kingdom — or if you’ve just bought groceries in a well-stocked store — you probably know about the existence of PG Tips tea.  It’s considered one of the best, and many of the television commercials are great pieces of creative work.

At the end of this post, there’s a link to one of the best commercials featuring the company’s sock monkey mascot, named Monkey. Judging by the packaging of the tea bags, I think this commercial may have been produced for the United States.  When Americans order PG Tips tea from retailers on the other side of the Atlantic and receive their shipments with customs declarations, the tea boxes look different from the colorful box shown in this commercial.

The current parent company, Unilever (the same company that owns Lipton’s), has owned both the U.K. and U.S. divisions of PG Tips since 1984.  Arthur Brooke founded the company in 1930, although he started with a smaller business in Manchester in 1889.  The original company was Brooke Bond & Company.  There was no Mr. Bond.  The name referred to a bond with customers ( Source: the sometimes reliable )

Now that you’ve completed your history lesson, we can get to the entertaining part:

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