Excerpt From Harold Pinter’s Brilliant Nobel Speech

(Editor’s Note: Only a creative person can understand why Mr. Pinter’s comment makes sense.  We can debate vague issues such as the thin line between genius and madness, but those debates have rarely produced anything except more creative work.  That’s the way it should be, too.

Out of respect for artists, we must also acknowledge that questioning a creative person’s stability can hinder the creative process.  Not every artist can tell the naysayers to go to hell.

There may be nothing in the following quote to benefit anyone except other artists, or people who have a sincere appreciation of art. Personally, I’m okay with that.)

It’s a strange moment, the moment of creating characters who up to that moment have had no existence.  What follows is fitful, uncertain, even hallucinatory, although sometimes it can be an unstoppable avalanche.  The author’s position is an odd one.  In a sense he is not welcomed by his characters.  They resist him, they are not easy to live with.

— Harold Pinter, 7 December 2005 Nobel Speech

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