Carbon Monoxide Leak in Tribeca

On Tuesday, a building in Manhattan’s Triangle Below Canal Street (Tribeca) District experienced a carbon monoxide leak which caused people to be hospitalized.  A link to a news story on the incident appears at the end of this post.

Carbon monoxide detectors are easy to find in hardware and drug stores, and once you read the instructions they’re easy to install. Always follow the instructions.

Carbon monoxide is odor-free (in spite of the impression you may have gotten from smelling car exhaust), and it can leak from building fixtures such as furnaces and boilers.  If a person is asleep when a leak starts, exposure is more likely to be fatal.

Please read the news story carefully, and take necessary precautions. People in Tribeca who were in the immediate area suspected a hazmat situation because they observed more than one person becoming ill.  In many cases, the threat isn’t discovered as quickly, and people die.

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