Out of Fabric? You Can Still Make a Privacy Curtain, if You’re Creative

Dave Hill posted on Facebook this morning, and after communicating with him on social media (and reading his books, watching his videos and listening to his radio show) for a long time I’m still not sure what to think.

It isn’t possible to use the Helen Christie public Facebook page to comment on others’ posts, so I used my private account.  The real name on my personal Facebook account is erased from the screenshot (see below) for privacy. Such nonsense. Anyone who wants to know my real name can find it during an internet search, but nobody cares to look. Clearly, I’m wasting time with the eraser tool.

Dave Hill has a brilliant habit of distributing oodles of info to maintain his privacy. Recently, on his WFMU show (Monday, 9 p.m. EST, at wfmu.org for anyone outside the Jersey City broadcast market), he mentioned two names and referred to those people as his future in-laws. Whether Dave is actually engaged to be married is anyone’s guess.

This reminds me of something absurd I did shortly after my mother went into a nursing home in 2010, and I had to get a taxicab to her house to do a quick safety check.

Obviously, I didn’t know the taxicab driver, and didn’t want a stranger knowing the house was unoccupied. So, I told him a highly elaborate story about an imaginary relative who was also living in the house.

The story — which was made up as I went along — was meant to protect my mother’s home from intruders, but it was also a writer’s stress release. In retrospect, I’m still amazed at how far the line of crap went. The driver heard minute details all the way from the Rockridge BART station to the house in the Montclair District (Oakland, CA), and he and I were even laughing at the comic relief.

I am forever indebted to my mother’s sister, Katherine, the imaginary relative who lived in the house. I wish Aunt Katherine really existed. She seemed like a lot of fun, and I know my mother would have liked her.

Screenshots from Dave Hill’s Facebook post and my sort-of-anonymous comment are below.  By the way, Dave’s most recent book is a collection of autobiographical, metaphorical and highly mysterious essays titled Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.  The completed book constitutes a memoir, but if you’re familiar with Dave’s brand of storytelling you know it gets more complicated than that. Read the darned book, okay?  Besides having your intellect challenged by Dave’s genius, you’ll also laugh until you pee.

Click the screenshots to enlarge them.


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