When in Rome…

If you’re planning a trip outside of your own country this summer, you should be informed on how electricity is delivered in the country you’re visiting.

Power outlets in the U.S. operate on Alternating Current (A.C.), but that isn’t universal.  In many other countries Americans will need an adapter, and if you look online you’ll find some disagreement on whether a particular adapter works in more than one European country.  Make every effort to have all of your questions answered before your departure.  If the hotel supplies a hair dryer, that shouldn’t be an issue.  However, you’ll need to know how to charge your smartphone without damaging the device or risking a fire.

I haven’t traveled abroad, so I can’t speak with authority.  Just do the research so you don’t risk imitating the American oaf in this video, okay?  Oh, you can be as naive as you want (people who profit from currency exchange businesses love handling transactions with the proverbial babe in the woods), but refrain from being naive with anything as serious as Direct Current.  Also, avoid using slang expressions in languages you haven’t mastered.  But I digress.

Yes, I got the implications of the AC/DC joke in the video.  What bisexual wouldn’t?  At one time George Michael identified as bisexual, so I’ll let him have a free pass on that.

Video is not suitable for work.

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