Tea Stains

I’d better warn you now: this post is a tad gross.  It may also describe something you’ve experienced, in which case you’ll want to read it — maybe. Today I stopped by a CVS store in Downtown San Francisco and bought some toothpaste which is supposed to remove stains.  No, I don’t know what my dentist thinks of this product.  I didn’t buy the brand with the nastiest reputation, and I don’t know if they even make that one anymore.  It wasn’t on the shelf.  Yes, I looked carefully because that brand was the first choice.  Just kidding. I plan … Continue reading Tea Stains

Excerpt From Harold Pinter’s Brilliant Nobel Speech

(Editor’s Note: Only a creative person can understand why Mr. Pinter’s comment makes sense.  We can debate vague issues such as the thin line between genius and madness, but those debates have rarely produced anything except more creative work.  That’s the way it should be, too. Out of respect for artists, we must also acknowledge that questioning a creative person’s stability can hinder the creative process.  Not every artist can tell the naysayers to go to hell. There may be nothing in the following quote to benefit anyone except other artists, or people who have a sincere appreciation of art. … Continue reading Excerpt From Harold Pinter’s Brilliant Nobel Speech

When Something Abnormal Goes Missing

Heaven help me.  For the first time in ages, I’ve gone an entire morning and part of an afternoon without music repeating in my head. You probably know the condition I’m talking about.  It happens to nearly all of us (some more often than others), including people who haven’t been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  You know, people who can look at a sliding screen door left halfway open when the glass door is closed, and not go batshit. Decades ago, an often-aired television commercial for a shoe brand suggested the company’s court shoes were as comfortable as sneakers.  If … Continue reading When Something Abnormal Goes Missing