Red Nose Day

If you shop at Walgreen’s, you’ve heard of Red Nose Day.  In the U.S., that’s today (May 25).  Do you know what Red Nose Day is, though?

I’ve donated online because that seems preferable to buying the plastic toys, pens, etc. at Walgreen’s.  The novelty items raise a lot of money, though, and given the importance of helping young people I guess I won’t knock it.  Here’s a link to a FAQ page on the organization’s official site, describing how fundraising works in the United States and which nonprofits benefit:

A separate Red Nose Day fundraising drive (with different beneficiaries) takes place in the United Kingdom, with the official date designated as 24 March.  Here’s a clip from a U.K. Comic Relief skit produced for the 2011 or 2012 event.  I’m sorry I don’t know the exact year:

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