Shepard Smith Comes Out — and Fox News Wins

Below is a link to a New York Daily News article by Rachel Desantis, reposted on MSN.

I have a problem with the timing, due to the recent scandals at Fox News.  Mr. Smith also makes a point of saying Roger Ailes never mistreated him.  The gay men I know aren’t going to be impressed by this sickening damage reduction project.  It’s already clear to them that the network is up to no good.

Each dubious news story is a reminder of how important it is for schools to encourage critical thinking skills.  Note that the story about Mr. Smith is a report on his speech before journalism students. Is that nightmare irony, or what?

Kids should be questioning nearly everything their parents don’t question.  Hey, it’s better than some of the other rebellion we see in children and teenagers.  They can learn from it, and if they get arrested it will be because they stood up to Big Brother and not because they shoplifted something.

Wait.  Maybe the long-term benefit is subject to debate.  The child or teenager who gets busted for thinking is probably in a lot more trouble than the kid who is caught stealing a bag of potato chips.

For perspective on gay journalists working for right-wing news outlets, read Blinded by the Right.  It’s David Brock’s 2002 memoir of his career as a reactionary puppet, and how he overcame it.  After reading this upsetting account, remember that not every gay journalist is going to care enough to overcome it.  We don’t know yet whether Shepard Smith will eventually earn our respect.

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