When (at Least) One Word is Open to Interpretation

Look up the word virgin in the dictionary.  You’ll probably find a description of a person — usually a woman — who has not had sexual relations. Be careful not to limit yourself to strict dictionary definitions when viewing, hearing or reading someone’s creative or philosophical effort.  If the work is good, nearly everything in it is subject to different interpretations.  A few years from now, you may think of a favorite movie, book, etc. differently because you’ve changed. (Editor’s Note: When reading the Voltaire quote below, remember that some foolish people have sex lives.  I’ll bet Voltaire knew a few of … Continue reading When (at Least) One Word is Open to Interpretation

A Heartfelt Apology to Anyone I May Have Offended — Not!

Earlier this afternoon, while walking home from the gym I had an experience which other women can identify with.  It doesn’t happen to me very often anymore because I’m older, but I remember how it used to feel and I still work up as much anger now as I did when I was in my twenties.  The only difference now is most of the time I get angry on behalf of the young women who currently get the abuse. I was on Geary Street near Powell on Union Square in San Francisco. A man who was in the mood to … Continue reading A Heartfelt Apology to Anyone I May Have Offended — Not!

Sugar-Coated Nostalgia

Even during the 1950s, at least one cereal manufacturer was adding sugar to raisins: Judging by the lack of graphic art on the box, a different commercial for the same brand (shown below) may have been produced earlier. It doesn’t mention sugar on the raisins. The U.S. English vernacular may have been different from the way it is now, too.  Seriously, someone who did creative work at an ad agency believed the American Public would buy cereal endorsed by Jake the Flake, and the agency’s client approved it.  If this commercial were produced now, we’d call the name of the … Continue reading Sugar-Coated Nostalgia

Red Nose Day

If you shop at Walgreen’s, you’ve heard of Red Nose Day.  In the U.S., that’s today (May 25).  Do you know what Red Nose Day is, though? I’ve donated online because that seems preferable to buying the plastic toys, pens, etc. at Walgreen’s.  The novelty items raise a lot of money, though, and given the importance of helping young people I guess I won’t knock it.  Here’s a link to a FAQ page on the organization’s official site, describing how fundraising works in the United States and which nonprofits benefit: https://rednoseday.org/frequently-asked-questions A separate Red Nose Day fundraising drive (with different … Continue reading Red Nose Day

Empathy is Worth the Effort

(Note: I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observation and experience.) Most of us — if we are decent in the first place, and we haven’t become jaded — were horrified to hear about Monday night’s attack in Manchester.  The target was a concert venue which attracted young pop music fans. This morning I found a friend’s post on Facebook, expressing his personal reaction to the tragedy.  I typed a comment suggesting Dante should have created a Circle of Hell for terrorists who target young people. I hope my friend … Continue reading Empathy is Worth the Effort