F— the Friendly Skies

Here’s the advertising: And here’s the reality: Here’s another reality, which someone at United was too damned dumb to predict: http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/11/investing/united-airlines-stock-passenger-flight-video/index.html I hope the news media will stay on top of this story.  UAL should be required to change its policy regarding overbooked flights.  Maybe stop overbooking flights in the first place?  What a novel idea. Changing policy will help protect other passengers in the future, but what about the man who was brutalized?  I hope he sues and gets a bundle.  He should also receive a public apology from United and the Airport Police who assaulted him. Continue reading F— the Friendly Skies

Should We Expect Indifference?

I live in San Francisco, where we can be assured help will be summoned in an emergency if we carry our own cell phones — and can use them. Oh, sometimes bystanders will help.  The Castro District is one of the better places to have an emergency because the atmosphere of the neighborhood encourages a protective instinct.  One of the most memorable examples — from years ago, although I’m confident it would be handled the same way now — was something you don’t ordinarily associate with the Castro.  A car was pulled into the southbound bus stop at Castro and … Continue reading Should We Expect Indifference?

A Type of Identity Theft You May Not Know About

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an article on the Bay Area Reporter’s site.  The B.A.R., as it’s nicknamed, is a weekly paper distributed free of charge in and around San Francisco.  The paper addresses LGBT issues, although the article shared here describes something more general. The alleged crime has not been proven, although a suspect is being held.  The purpose of this blog post is not to influence public opinion toward a suspect, but to encourage others to research the backgounds of their caregivers.  The allegations in this case suggest some deception may get past any … Continue reading A Type of Identity Theft You May Not Know About