F— the Friendly Skies

Here’s the advertising:

And here’s the reality:

Here’s another reality, which someone at United was too damned dumb to predict:


I hope the news media will stay on top of this story.  UAL should be required to change its policy regarding overbooked flights.  Maybe stop overbooking flights in the first place?  What a novel idea.

Changing policy will help protect other passengers in the future, but what about the man who was brutalized?  I hope he sues and gets a bundle.  He should also receive a public apology from United and the Airport Police who assaulted him.

One thought on “F— the Friendly Skies

  1. Some more recent information has been released, suggesting the passenger who was forcibly removed from the flight is a physician who has committed serious ethics violations in his practice.

    It must be emphasized that the real issue in this story is the way United Airlines (UAL) treats passengers. Experienced people have seen the way injured parties are — often literally — put on trial for their own past behavior. We know how this tactic is used to lead jurors, judges and the public to forgive unspeakable crimes, and we must never tolerate it.


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