Yes, These People are Real. Let’s Hope They Aren’t too Common

Sadly, the parent who lacks empathy can be found anywhere.  Neighborhood/schoolyard bullies often know which of their peers have dysfunctional parents, and they exploit these family tragedies. One of the reasons bullying is rampant among children is there are few alternatives to parents getting involved.  Although it’s true that good parents have intervened — with mixed results — there’s always the child who spends years begging a bad parent for protection. Don’t assume every parent has concern, perspective or a sense of obligation toward his or her children.  Some people who have reproduced or adopted are ignorant, chemically dependent, mentally … Continue reading Yes, These People are Real. Let’s Hope They Aren’t too Common

Averting a Misguided Distinction

(Editor’s Note:  The source of this quote is in dispute.  On some websites, the statement is attributed to Greek historian Thucydides.  Others credit William Francis Butler, a senior officer in the British Army during the 19th Century.  Well, it’s possible both dudes said it because it’s pretty darned wise.) THE NATION THAT MAKES A GREAT DISTINCTION BETWEEN ITS SCHOLARS AND ITS WARRIORS WILL HAVE ITS THINKING DONE BY COWARDS AND ITS FIGHTING DONE BY FOOLS. — THUCYDIDES Continue reading Averting a Misguided Distinction