Yes, it’s Important Education

(Disclaimer: I am not an educator or health professional.  The opinions in this blog post are based on personal experience and observation) I live in California, where a terribly misguided legislative bill was passed and signed by the Governor sometime after I left school.  The law, which is still in effect after more than thirty years, requires parental consent before students in taxpayer funded (public) schools can receive sex education. I remember the arguments in favor of the bill, and most were centered on parental entitlement.  Parents wanted to control what their kids were told about sex, and in some … Continue reading Yes, it’s Important Education

Too Soon?

Earlier this month, I had a miniature “nervous breakdown” (an outdated term, but calling it a psychotic break would be a gross exaggeration). I was semi-functional, and actually wrote more than usual.  I just wasn’t that good about putting the writing on paper or into the computer. One aspect of the writing went at least as well as when I’m healthy, though.  It found its way onto Kindle within one week, too, even if you count the days when the alleged writing was limited to staring at the ceiling over my bed and letting my imagination take charge.  The typing … Continue reading Too Soon?

S.F. City Hall Lights

Tonight, the lights on San Francisco’s City Hall dome show respect for transgender and gender-nonconforming people. Whether it’s a “bathroom bill” or something else, the basic human rights of this segment of society are under attack by the Trump administration. Please forgive the fact that the photo is a bit out of focus.  It didn’t look this blurry on the phone screen.  Maybe I don’t have the right apps. Continue reading S.F. City Hall Lights

White Light and a Parkinson Interview

Update: After this blog piece was posted, George Michael’s cause of death was identified as natural causes. The Joan Rivers video which was originally posted on this page is no longer available.  However, a separate video of the same interview has replaced it. Since George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day, there has been a combination of public appreciation of his work and morbid speculation over his cause of death.  The topic of suicide has been discussed repeatedly, but at this time no postmortem report has been made public. Although suicide isn’t unusual in the general population, I suspect creative people … Continue reading White Light and a Parkinson Interview

Caution on Social Media

Earlier this week, I altered a blog post after going into a panic.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a panic, but it occurred to me there was an outside chance I could lose my public Facebook page if a small technicality wasn’t cleared up.  The post was shared on Facebook. Needless to say, the Facebook share was deleted first, and then the blog post was toned down appropriately before being shared again. At the end of the February 12 post, The Case of the Purloined Bathmat, you may have seen a link to a music video.  If you read the post when it … Continue reading Caution on Social Media