Armistead Maupin Quote

Maybe Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and other right-wing propagandists will dispute this statement.  After all, their books are never shelved in a “Men’s Studies” section.  Poor Bill, Glenn and their pals have to cope when their writing is put on conspicuous display in the front of the store with the bestsellers.  It’s their job to beat. Yes, I’ve thought of Ann Coulter and Nancy Grace.  Let’s not go off-topic. If you want to know who the oppressed minorities in America are, simply look at who gets their own shelf in the bookstore:  A black shelf, a women’s shelf and a … Continue reading Armistead Maupin Quote

New York’s Mayor in the Age of Trump

The January 30, 2017 issue of The Nation has a cover story by Jarrett Murphy which is a good deal more balanced than most de Blasio-themed reports.   Rather than being petty and portraying the Mayor as an incompetent windbag, Mr. Murphy presents a realistic description of what New York City’s leadership must address during the next four years of a Trump Presidency.  Continue reading New York’s Mayor in the Age of Trump

The Day They Came to Arrest the Book (Review)

The Day They Came to Arrest the Book By Hentoff, Nat Copyright 1982 Young Adult Fiction Published by Laurel Leaf Books $6.99 Paperback ISBN: 0-440-91814-6 (Cover Image Unavailable) I was saddened to read about the passing of Nat Hentoff, the former Village Voice columnist who was noted for being controversial with everyone, including the liberals who usually agreed with him. I knew Mr. Hentoff had written one novel because I’d seen a paperback copy of it.  It was a jazz-themed mystery.  I didn’t know he had written other fiction, though. The Day They Came to Arrest the Book is a Young Adult modern … Continue reading The Day They Came to Arrest the Book (Review)

Federal B.O.P. Hiccup

If you’ve read Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange is the New Black, you probably have a firm mental image of the women’s prison in Danbury, CT.  I haven’t seen the Netflix series, so I don’t know how many creative embellishments were involved in the adaptation. Piper Kerman was housed in the minimum security satellite camp.  I don’t have a copy of her book within reach (I donated mine right after finishing it, so with luck someone else has read it by now), but the book gave the impression that the prison’s main building was maximum security. According to the Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) … Continue reading Federal B.O.P. Hiccup

R.F.K. Jr. and Trump on Vaccines

I should begin this post with a disclaimer.  I have negative feelings toward Robert Kennedy, Jr. This has nothing to do with his personal life, although the rumors are creepy.  I don’t know for a fact what he does behind closed doors, so it’s best to leave that alone. I attended Montclair Elementary School (Oakland, CA) with Martha Moxley, who died in 1975 at age fifteen in Greenwich, CT.  She was beaten to death with a golf club in her family’s gated community by someone who approached her from behind.  It’s unlikely she saw her assailant at the time of … Continue reading R.F.K. Jr. and Trump on Vaccines

Michael DeSomer, Friend and Literal Lifesaver

My dear friend, Michael DeSomer. I found this photo on a stranger’s Facebook Timeline last night, and hope she won’t mind if I share it (her Facebook post is visible to the public).  Mike moved away from San Francisco many years ago, and we lost contact. A few years ago I learned that he passed away in Portland, Oregon in 1995. Mike was an original, and his friendship kept me alive when I was in my early twenties and going through one crisis after another. The constant, long-term trauma was preventing me from maturing into a real adult, and Mike … Continue reading Michael DeSomer, Friend and Literal Lifesaver