Betsy DeVos’s Weird Personal History

In case you haven’t looked carefully at Betsy DeVos’s background in her home state of Michigan, please read this article on the Mother Jones site.  A link appears below.

I descended (partly) from Michigan’s Dutch immigrants, so this is a tender subject for me.  The one Dutch relative I knew well was kind, but conservative.  He didn’t make his world very big.  He believed the concrete principle that hard work resulted in success because it worked for him.  He was a Republican who read Reader’s Digest.  He was a good person, but not always easy to get along with because he was strongly in favor of standards that don’t work for everyone.

Enough about my ancestors.  There are so many (mostly white) cultures and religions in my bloodline I can barely keep track of them, and maybe it’s good that I don’t try too hard to keep track.  It may be easier to think as an individual that way because I don’t identify with any of the (conflicting) stern thinking in my family.  I question everything, including statements I agree with.  The outsider status was lonely and generally painful when I was young, but now it works to my advantage.

For people who prefer not to ask questions, living in a tiny, comfortable world is an instant gratification thing.  It offers comfort, and a feeling of safety.  In the long run, though, it can make us dangerous people if we believe in it too strongly and we acquire power.  That may be a partial explanation of why Betsy DeVos is the loser she is.

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