Whichever Way the Wind Blows

In any corrupt movement — as well as in any legitimate movement — there’s always the flakey, flip-flopping individual who moves up the ladder while standing for nothing in particular.  Experienced people will question whether anyone can trust that person.  However, when an ambitious person’s alleged beliefs jump around like a fart in a frying pan, there are occasional moments when gullible people think they see a positive trait.

There may be farts we don’t even know about in the Trump Administration’s proverbial frying pan, but if you’re interested in documentation pointing to one suspect please look closely at this screenshot of a 2015 Twitter post by Mike Pence.  This particular screenshot was shared on Instagram by Moby, who showed no indication of being fooled.  In Moby’s Instagram post, he asked, “You’re right, #mikepence, so why aren’t you speaking up now that you’re Vice President?”:

The answer is obvious.


2 thoughts on “Whichever Way the Wind Blows

  1. “there’s always the flakey, flip-flopping individual who moves up the ladder while standing for nothing in particular.”

    at first i thought this was referring to moby.

    im genuinely interested in constitutional arguments; we dont have enough of those. we need to have them every year, and every time a law that can change so many things arrives– like the one obama passed about “fake news”. considering that the 1st amendment leaves the press necessary freedom to criticize the government, what effect does it have when the government is drawing billions in funds to vet the actions of the press? i consider it a real enough threat.

    but dont think im limited to being concerned about the constitutionality of actions from the left– anyone in office, from congress to commander-in-chief, has taken an oath to defend the constitution. if we have one duty to the government alone, it is making certain they stick to their oath. not just when the party opposite your own is in office, but all the time.


    1. I admit I don’t always agree with Moby. Last week he used an Instagram post to express his admiration for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whom I dislike for various reasons — some of them personal.

      I live in San Francisco, where my neighbors and I were witnesses to demonstrations held by liberals against Bill Clinton whenever he visited the city. Those protesters placed a higher priority on human issues than on party loyalty. They knew the country could do a lot worse than Bill Clinton, but they strongly disapproved of some of his actions — such as signing welfare reform legislation, and allowing the healthcare reform effort to slide after making himself look so good when he introduced it.

      In spite of the cooperation the GOP got from President Clinton, they impeached him for lying about marital infidelity. Years later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was “off the table” when asked about taking action against then-President George W. Bush for lying about reasons for going to war in the Middle East.

      I’ve looked at this as objectively as possible, and the imbalance is obvious. The GOP will grasp at straws if necessary to oppose a Democratic President, but Democrats in Congress behave as if they’re on leashes when they have an ethical obligation to stand up to a Republican Administration.

      On the topic of flip-flopping, Donald Trump has done plenty of that himself. He has encouraged racial, religious and cultural bigotry, but when he was interviewed by Lesley Stahl shortly after the election he pretended to be shocked by the increase in hate crimes. He denied knowing about the increase before Ms. Stahl mentioned it, and he sounded so sincere when he asked that those crimes stop.

      At one point during last year’s campaign, Trump said Caitlyn Jenner should have a protected right to use the ladies’ room. He got her endorsement, in spite of the fact that he has demonstrated bigotry toward the LGBT population. If any of us believe he’ll follow through on public restroom rights for transgender people, we’re just plain naive.

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