Squirrels As Serial Thieves

I won’t suggest this is limited to Canadian squirrels.  Personally, I’ve met plenty of squirrels in the U.S. who have done the same damned thing.  It happens in the best neighborhoods, too.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs, cats and some other animals.  I don’t know if it hurts squirrels, and hope no one is snickering about the possibility of the poor creatures being poisoned.  The squirrels in the video have demonstrated a preference for Toblerone, but maybe that’s just because it’s on a low shelf and near the escape route.

As ridiculous as the video looks, the consequences for humans and animals can be bad.  It’s hard to know if anything can be done about it, though, unless the store owner can afford to install a sliding glass screen.  Forget about trying to put the candy out of the squirrels’ reach.  They’ll climb nearly anything to get to food.

Everyday reminder: When walking a dog, always be on the lookout for food litter or anything else that might cause an illness or injury. Some well-trained dogs respond when they hear the words, “leave it,” but they won’t get the order if the walker isn’t paying attention.  I imagine there’s some potentially dangerous food and packaging materials dropping from the trees near the store in Toronto, but no matter where you are be aware that your dog depends on you to be alert and make the right judgment calls.

Note:  After watching the video in full screen mode, I can’t confirm the candy brand is Toblerone.  They might be flat candy bars, which fit more easily in a squirrel’s mouth.


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