Caution After A Scandal

Recently, there were public objections to New York City Transit Police officers refusing to make sexual battery arrests unless they witnessed offenses against three victims by each suspect.  The explanation defending the practice was that a conviction couldn’t be secured with testimony from only one accuser.

Yesterday, Heather Holland at DNA Info posted an article describing how past misconduct by officers has influenced this policy.

My own emotions are running in all directions with this.  I’ve been subjected to sexual battery, on the public transit and in other places. I also had a dear friend who was falsely accused (in San Francisco) of assaulting an underage person.

Short of putting my fist through the wall, I don’t know how to react to Ms. Holland’s article.  The truth can be painful and infuriating, but if we want our society to be even remotely functional we have to be aware of things that make us uncomfortable.

Here’s a link to Heather Holland’s article:

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