Too Busy To Blog Today

The morning went by so fast it was a blur.  Okay, that’s a cliche.  You understand, though. The day isn’t over yet, and that just means there’s more work to do. Instead of a thoughtful essay for today’s blog post, I’ll fall back on screenshots of social media posts by Twitter users who are among the best.  You might have to zoom in to see some of the text. Counterclockwise from upper left: @SwedishCanary, @Diefenbarker, @DuffyBear17, @mrdavehill, @itsdougthepug Continue reading Too Busy To Blog Today

This Is Only A Test.

The heading on this post is pretty self-explanatory.  Last week, a rescue training exercise was held over Manhattan, to prepare for the incoming President’s security needs.  A link to a DNA Info report appears at the end of this post. All over the country, we’re told to “Be vigilant, but don’t panic.”  Only a person with a calm temperament can heed that advice when the military conducts a rescue exercise overhead without proper notice. People who were in San Francisco in the fall of 1984 can identify, although we didn’t have memories of a September 11-type tragedy to escalate the fear.  A … Continue reading This Is Only A Test.

Gross, But Inspiring

Metaphorically speaking, this rat is doing what good people may have to resort to if we want to maintain a civilized society under President Donald Trump. Remember, this video serves as allegory only.  Do not try to ride an escalator in the wrong direction, especially during commute hours. Don’t ponder it too carefully.  No, it isn’t a downhill battle.  Well, maybe a little. Please note that the rat and everyone else appears nice about it. Being tolerant of others is a top priority. Continue reading Gross, But Inspiring

Hikikomori Or Agoraphobe?

I’m agoraphobic.  The severity of the symptoms fluctuate, and during most of my life I’ve been okay with leaving home and following a routine as long as I don’t have to travel too far. Traveling is difficult, but I’ve been to New York City three times since 1994.  I’ve flown to Los Angeles County six times since 1997. Between 1968 and 1994, leaving Northern California was unthinkable (I visited relatives in Missouri in 1964 and 1968, and remember having panic attacks during the 1968 stay). I attribute the agoraphobia partly to trauma which began early and continued into adulthood.  By … Continue reading Hikikomori Or Agoraphobe?

If Something Is Expected, Is It Still News?

Rex Tillerson, the man nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be our next Secretary of State, has more complicated business ties than we were told.  Naturally, the business ties in question are Putin-Friendly.  A link to an article on The Guardian site appears at the end of this post. Tomorrow, the Electoral College will decide who becomes out next President.  If no candidate gets 270 votes from electors, the House of Representatives will have to step in.  It’s very likely Donald Trump will get at least 270 votes, in spite of the fact that the Electoral College has good reason to reject … Continue reading If Something Is Expected, Is It Still News?

Please Don’t Step In It Again, Donald

A link to a CNN story appears at the end of this post. Donald Trump has already created unnecessary tension with the Chinese government due to his telephone conversation with the head of state in Taiwan.  Let’s hope he doesn’t let rip with an uninformed public statement about the drone thing. Continue reading Please Don’t Step In It Again, Donald

Another Word On Shirley Jackson’s Work

I found this post today, but it’s seven years old.  If you’ve read Shirley Jackson’s stories — or you’re curious and want to start — this essay by Robert Armitage offers a good introduction. Continue reading Another Word On Shirley Jackson’s Work