This Is Only A Test.

The heading on this post is pretty self-explanatory.  Last week, a rescue training exercise was held over Manhattan, to prepare for the incoming President’s security needs.  A link to a DNA Info report appears at the end of this post.

All over the country, we’re told to “Be vigilant, but don’t panic.”  Only a person with a calm temperament can heed that advice when the military conducts a rescue exercise overhead without proper notice.

People who were in San Francisco in the fall of 1984 can identify, although we didn’t have memories of a September 11-type tragedy to escalate the fear.  A couple of days before a Blue Angels air show, the Navy held a dress rehearsal without warning us ahead of time.

Personally, I didn’t even know an air show was planned, so I couldn’t consider that possibility and explain it away.  Other people who were standing outside on Polk Street were equally puzzled, and the expressions on their faces when they looked up at the undersides of the planes were memorable.  Some of those critters were flying real low, and the noise was ear-splitting.

Occasionally (once every few years), an airline passenger jet pilot will have altitude problems on the local flight path before landing at SFO. The plane will fly too low over Downtown, Hayes Valley, The Castro District and everywhere else on the route.  It gives us a scare, but we understand it’s just a small “incident.”  No opportunity for warning.  We can excuse it.

The military might have security reasons for neglecting to warn New Yorkers before conducting one of these crisis exercises.  If so, everyone in the area had better get used to it.


Okay. whatever.

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