If Something Is Expected, Is It Still News?

Rex Tillerson, the man nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be our next Secretary of State, has more complicated business ties than we were told.  Naturally, the business ties in question are Putin-Friendly.  A link to an article on The Guardian site appears at the end of this post.

Tomorrow, the Electoral College will decide who becomes out next President.  If no candidate gets 270 votes from electors, the House of Representatives will have to step in.  It’s very likely Donald Trump will get at least 270 votes, in spite of the fact that the Electoral College has good reason to reject him.

I have an awful feeling Vladimir Putin will be controlling the White House at least until the 2018 midterm elections.  Presently, GOP members of Congress can express all the doubt they like about Trump and his weird nominees/proposals, but party loyalty will resist any real challenges to the President.

If Democrats become the majority in both Houses of Congress two years from now, they might have the leverage to impeach Donald Trump.  Might.  It will be interesting to see if that happens.

Will security for U.S. elections be strong enough to resist hacking in 2018?  Will Trump’s Administration be motivated to support the effort to hold a clean midterm election?  The dirty election last month worked so well for him.


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