Trump Revealed (Book Review)


Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money and Power

By Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher

Simon and Schuster, Copyright 2016

$28.00 Hardcover

347 Pages (plus notes and photgraphs)

ISBN:  978-1-5011-5577-2

If you read just one biography of Donald Trump, I recommend this one.

Trump Revealed is the result of only three months of actual manuscript writing, but the research material goes back years and relies on stable sources which are documented in the back of the book.

I sense the authors didn’t set out to write a hatchet job.  They wrote about a person who is self-defeating but usually manages to come out on top.  The result is an informative but often unpleasant life story of an often unpleasant person.

Unless the Electoral College does its job and rejects Donald J. Trump as our next president, he’ll become a major part of our history.  He will change domestic and foreign policy.  We have a responsibility to know his history before he makes too much history from the Oval Office.

Trump Revealed has two credited authors, but both are adamant about the group effort among their colleagues at The Washington Post.  The book is an excellent example of what’s possible in journalism when talented people agree on urgency.

If you can’t afford the $28.00 plus sales tax for this biography, please look for it at the Public Library.  If the library doesn’t have it, ask about an interlibrary loan (make sure you know your responsibilities for returning the book before you make a commitment, though). You might also find a cheap copy online, used or in e-book form.

Too many people get their news exclusively from social media. Depending on whose Twitter account you follow, you may not be getting a detailed story of the dangers posed by a Donald Trump presidency.

People can debate whether the President-elect is a complicated person, or a simple person with complicated problems.  That really doesn’t make much difference, though.  Despite what Trump would have us believe, it isn’t all about him.  It’s about the future of the world.

On the subject of the Electoral College, here’s something Robert Reich posted on Facebook during the weekend:


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