Wisdom In The Form Of Twitter Screenshots

We’ve seen strong public reactions to the recent deaths of celebrities, and although there are limits to how intensely we should mourn the passing of strangers we can still appreciate their contributions. In a positive way, David Bowie, George Michael and Prince contributed to the ways we view gender and masculinity.  Here are a few Twitter posts reminding us of something which shouldn’t go on the back burner.  Many young people have been forbidden to think of themselves as individuals worthy of respect.  Depending on where they live or whom they associate with, they may receive no support. The messages … Continue reading Wisdom In The Form Of Twitter Screenshots

Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

I wasn’t that familiar with Carrie Fisher’s work.  I saw her in the original Blues Brothers movie, and the original Star Wars.  I also read Post Cards From the Edge. What really stands out in my memory is one quote: Instant gratification takes too long. The statement is ironic, and if you think about it carefully enough it makes a lot of sense. Rest In Peace, Ms. Fisher.  Your admirers will mourn your passing, and many will also have the wisdom to celebrate your life. Continue reading Carrie Fisher 1956-2016


2016 isn’t over yet, and some of my social media pals are calling it the worst year since they were born.  I guess it depends on your vantage point, and what hurts you the most personally. The election of Donald Trump is ominous, and his most hateful supporters have already been emboldened.  We can expect next year to be a fucker because of it.   The mass shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando last June was the deadliest ever.   There were many tragedies in 2016, and we’ll still be living with that pain in 2017. I’m also saddened … Continue reading 2016