Courage On The Stage, And On Social Media

In case you haven’t heard yet, last night’s Broadway performance of Hamilton was even more interesting than usual. A few Twitter screenshots are included in this post along with a link to a short video of Brandon Victor Dixon reading a history-making announcement.  The video was posted on the New York Times site. We all must speak out, responsibly.  We must be in control of our emotions, and articulate our thoughts on an adult level.  If we have questions about whether a particular statement is unwise or open to misinterpretation, we should consult others before speaking or posting. A word on the Twitter … Continue reading Courage On The Stage, And On Social Media

More New York Stuff

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 33-minute question and answer session on WNYC should be heard by anyone interested in how the largest U.S. city government will be responding to changes made by the incoming president.  It was aired live this morning. You may have to scroll down a bit to find the link.  I moved it to resolve a problem with overlapping text. Continue reading More New York Stuff

Sloppy Journalism

Yesterday, Steve Inskeep did a beautiful job of interviewing and fact-challenging a Steve Bannon apologist, Joel Pollak, on Morning Edition. On the same day, laid the proverbial egg. An adjunct professor at Rutgers, Kevin Allred, was interviewed for an article about intimidation in the Age Of Trump.  He is suspected of posting inflammatory Twitter statements and saying alarming things in class.  A link to the article appears at the end of this post, describing how he was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The two tweets in question (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds) have been deleted from … Continue reading Sloppy Journalism

Steve Inskeep, Hero

Steve Inskeep, a journalist whose reporting you’ve probably heard on NPR if you listen to Morning Edition, does excellent research and has a first rate B.S. detector — which he’s not afraid to use. I’ll share a link to his interview with Joel Pollak, Senior Editor-At-Large with Breitbart News.  This morning, Mr. Pollak appeared on Morning Edition to offer a defense for one particular staffing choice made by President-Elect Donald Trump. The topic was Stephen Bannon’s qualifications for a position in the Trump Administration.  Mr. Pollak went the distance with his Steve-Bannon-is-not-a-(fill in the blank) talk, as well as inaccurate statements about the Confederacy and … Continue reading Steve Inskeep, Hero

Predictable Hubris That Won’t Change

Someone I follow on Twitter shared this post by The Donald (see below), but initially I couldn’t view it because I’ve blocked the President-Elect. Why did I go to the trouble of making this post visible and getting angry?  And why am I making the rest of you angry by sharing the screenshot?  Because we can’t be persuaded by Trump’s occasional efforts to appear decent, that’s why. Donald Trump is a hateful narcissist.  We must never allow public relations (or assurances from Oprah) to convince us otherwise, because his actions will always reflect the person he really is. Continue reading Predictable Hubris That Won’t Change

More Lies

I was considering skipping last night’s Donald Trump interview on 60 Minutes.  The fact that I don’t have a TV was a flimsy excuse because the CBS Radio affiliate in San Francisco airs a simulcast every Sunday. There was a responsibility to hear at least some of it, although a metaphysical reading of his hair wasn’t possible without video.  An unstable, amoral person will be in power before the end of next January, and even if cooler heads are helpless we still need to see how he’s behaving at each given moment.  We’ll have this burden for as long as “President … Continue reading More Lies