The Real Issue Gets Put On The Back Burner

I don’t know what’s going on with workers in Alberta, but one of their representatives in Canada’s Parliament, Michelle Rempel, spoke quite forcefully about it.

All it takes is one “unparliamentary” word, though, and suddenly the word becomes the topic of debate.

Maybe we should think of this whenever one of us is tempted to say “Fuck Trump,” or something along those lines.  Keep the wording G-rated, to avert off-topic criticism.

Trump’s supporters are ready to pick at small things because they know they can’t win legitimately when Trump’s so-called principles are challenged.

The Guardian report doesn’t suggest the Green Party’s Elizabeth May, who complained about bad language on the floor of Parliament, supports Trump.  Like most people, she probably doesn’t.  However, her reaction is an example of why we must use judgment with our words to keep the discussion going in a straight line.

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